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August 6, 2012
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Part X –

"I can't let go." – Eve 6

He looked into my eyes, his eyes sending a baffling affectionate look. I couldn't help but feel that he was hypnotizing me with his bright green eyes. However, I snapped out of the trance and noticed he had loosened the grip on my wrist. With all my strength, I could conjure I punched his jaw; I didn't care if he acted to make me feel bad, or if I'm actually that strong but he flew to the foot of the staircase. He held his cheek, looking at me in amazement that I had done that.

"What the hell is your problem!?" He began to argue.

I didn't respond and simply walked up stairs to where everyone else was. I ran up the stairs, and heard him running after me as well. I didn't close the door behind me, and continued on, however, I heard him collapse on the floor in back of me. I turned around and saw him one the ground trying to move. His skin was beginning to have small embers on it. I gasped and quickly threw him (literally threw) back into the basement. As he rolled down the steps I closed the door, to help him back down in the basement.

"Are you alright?!" I asked.

"What the hell did you think you were doing, you bloody twit!?" Arthur yelled as he began to get up.

"I was saving your life!" I answered without a moment's hesitation, "Besides, it's your fault for following me into the light."

Arthur chuckled sarcastically; I glared at him as he passed by me. Yet, I felt back for what I did and followed him again to the bed he was sitting in before. The dim candle-light made me see what damage he had taken. Arthur glanced at me; I looked away in a pout.

"Look, you can help by getting that small bottle there and giving it to me." He said.

I looked back and saw the small bottle with the green liquid inside. I handed it to him, and he quickly drank it. Suddenly, his skin began to improve; there were no longer any burns on his skin. As I observed how quickly he was healing, I realized that I was a failure as a hunter. I saved the life of a vampire, even worse the life of a vampire king.

"Could you have died?" I whispered, "If you were exposed to the sun for long?"

"Yeah!" He stood up in anger, "Why do you think I blame this on you?"

I almost felt like slapping myself. If only my reaction wasn't to save him. It seemed as though, fate was keeping him alive. That was the third time he was about to die, twice intervened by other and the last time by myself. I glanced back at him and thought; if it was fate then what if I cheated it? My brain thought of it carefully, I needed accept the fact I was his host, but then I would kill him when I got the chance. I would get rid of him, once I got his confidence. I felt my lips spread in a smile and I sat next to him.

"I am sorry." I said, "But, I saved you, that should be my best apology."

"Why did you save me? You're a hunter." He thought the same thing.

"Uh…" I bit my lip trying to go through with the plan, "I… Re-remember when you asked if I was ready to decide? Well, I think I got used the idea of me being with you." Arthur beamed, his green eyes, suddenly becoming lighter.

"Really? You know, you don't have to." He said.

"I think I have decided." I mumbled, thinking he better get used to it, before I regret it. Arthur smirked and touched my hand, holding it.

"Then… I might as well claim you here." He whispered into my ear. My cheeks flushed red, as I held my ear and pulled back.

"Wha-what!?" I blushed, "Here!? I have to be-! Mentally prepared! This isn't something you just do!"

"What are you talking about, _________? You said you had decided." He smirked leaning towards me. I placed my hand on his chest, my heart thumping out as I touched him.

He leaned in and kissed my neck. I couldn't stop my heart from beating so fast. I closed my eyes trying to skip pass this. However, I felt a pinch at my neck; I realized he had bitten me. I gasped as I felt him suck the red liquid inside of me. His tongue soaking up those drops that wanted to run down my neck. There was no pain, just that numbness on my skin and the arousal that I felt from being bitten.
SOOOOOOO Sorry for keeping yall waiting for this chapter!
Texted :iconjapanfreak01: And she helped me out with my writers block... and then fangurled about SuFin.
Bahahahahaha! Then I read sadest thing in my life and
I didn't feel like living! ;A; Anyway, I'm pretty much alive now.
Hope you enjoyed the last part!
And don't hate me for the whole have to pertend to love
Artie. Trust me, I'll make up for it.
Comments and faves are greatly appreciated!
And will post soon!
Hetalia (c) Hima-Senpai
Story (c) Me
The artist to this picture is
---> :iconseraphlei:
which is found here
---> [link]
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