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July 30, 2012
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Part V –

"Crucifies my enemies." – Muse

I looked at Feliciano concerned for his future. If it was possible, then I would stop it. Only a monstrosity could come from a vampire and a human. Feliciano began to laugh; he held his stomach because of how much he was laughing. He looked up at me and rubbed his eyes dry.

"Wow, __________!" He laughed, "That's the first time I have heard of it! Of course I can't! You can choose whether or not you want to bear a bambino."

Suddenly, there were shots coming from where Romano ran to. I turned and saw bats fly from the trees. There was a sudden green glow; I gasped and realized that glow only meant it was the Nordic vampires. I left Feliciano and ran to where Romano was. I took out a stake from my belt. I had realized I left my ax with Gilbert since he took it away.

I felt the wind current become stronger, which meant they were using magic. Finally, I reached to where Romano was. They didn't notice as I entered the perimeter, so I hid in a nearby bush. Romano was already beaten up, his jeans had a few holes in them, a scrape on his cheek, and his shirt cut opened.

"You still haven't given up?" The leader, Mathias Kohler, smirked, "As long as you're alone you will become our food. So, how about you just give in! Blood is much better warm than frozen."

The wind was cold, almost dead. I felt shivers go down my spine. Then, I felt someone grab me from my arm. He lifted me up, as I turned to see who it was Mathias looked surprised. He then smiled, laughing; the one who had me was his assistant Lukas Bondvik. I moved and stabbed his thigh with the stake. Lukas groaned and let me go; in that moment Romano shot Mathias on his left shoulder blade. Romano and I then came close back to back.

"Why did you come?!" Romano asked, getting ready to shoot. I got into my fighting stance also ready for anything.

"You're my partner aren't you?" I smiled.

Lukas came out from the inside of the bushes, and Mathias held his shoulder; glaring knives to Romano. Lukas used magic again making creatures of the dark come out to fight with us. I kicked the little demons biting at my feet, while Romano shot the ones flying above head. I felt my body becoming heavy; I noticed Mathias and Lukas weren't attacking they were just looking at us fight.

"This is impossible they just come back!" Romano groaned, "Fucking small ass cockroaches!"

"We're vampire hunters, not demon hunters!" I yelled, not able to lift my arm anymore.

In that moment, Lukas and Mathias walked closer; the small demons began to get away. Mathias laughed and punched Romano's stomach; he flew from where he was standing. Lukas took my arm and twisted it to my back. I groaned at the flash of pain, and tried to move myself back, so I could hit him with the back of my head. But, the weight I was feeling in my body was too much.

"She already belongs to someone." Lukas mumbled.

"What? Who?" Mathias said as he stopped hitting Romano.

"Arthur." Lukas said. My eyes rolled in annoyance. I was about to deny what they were saying, but I felt some weight being lifted off of my body.

"That's right, she belongs to me." Arthur had come to help me.

Lukas let go of me, as I fell down to the ground. I saw a small demon bite my arm; I saw the saliva of the demon pour into my open wound. While, the small demon poured poison into me Arthur had scared of Mathias and Lukas. Arthur came to my side and lifted me, his cold arms felt good around my feverish body.

"You should've waited for me, love." He sighed, brushing some hair off of my face. He began to walk into the forest.

"Bu-…" I wanted him to stop, so I could help Romano.

"Shh…" He shushed, placing a finger on my lips, his hand then brushing my cheek, "I promise I will take of you."

So, here is Part V! I hope it's been enjoyable so far!
Next chapter will be just you and the Vampire King!
So, I got a lot of comments on this so far, and they have
all made me laugh!
Sorry for grammer mistakes, I wrote this right after church
and during the church retreat. =____=
I'll go back and edit later.
Comments and Favorites are greatly appreciated.
The artist to this picture is
---> :iconseraphlei:
which is found here
---> [link]
Next part:
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