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July 28, 2012
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WARNING! - The following chapter has GerIta in it! It's not really unnecessary to read! So if you don't want to... don't! Don't hate me for it please! You have been warned! -

Part IV –

"Child is slowly taken." – Cranberries

My eyes widened as I heard the terrifying news. Arthur observed how my reaction would seem. I glanced down at him, our eyes meeting for a slight second, and almost immediately my face turned red. Arthur had never made my reactions become so shy like this. My vision moved to Chika, glaring at her, however Gilbert took a step in front of my vision. I looked up at his red eyes, his expression was stern.

"It's okay, Gil." Chika sighed, "She has the right to glare."

I pouted and looked away. Suddenly, Lutz and Feliciano came in the room. Feliciano was behind Lutz. He peeked out to look at everyone inside of the room. Since, he didn't notice me, he began to greet the two boys who had come in the through the window and Arthur. I shook my head, trying to process what was happening. Even if it was Feliciano he knew the difference between enemies.

"Feli?!" I yelled, "What the hell are you doing!?"

"Dem-!" Feliciano looked back at me and ran to Lutz, hiding behind him, "I thought you went with Roma."

In that moment Romano came inside the room. He stopped at the door way and saw Arthur on the floor. He took out his handgun and shot fire. The boy on top of him pulled Arthur off of the ground and got into a fighting stance.

"Hunter Romano, it's been a while." He smirked.

"You're more than dead Jones." Romano murmured something about Romano made him seem dark.

In less than a second, Romano was firing while the boy dodged the bullets. Lutz and Feliciano went to stop Romano. While, Chika and Gilbert stopped the boy; that boy was Alfred F. Jones, which means that the boy standing there (which I forgot about) was Matthew Williams. Arthur, Alfred, and Matthew, they were the European vampires. Well, half anyway.

"Al-! Could you calm down!?" Chika struggled, trying to stop him.

"That bastard hurt me the other day!" Alfred said. Chika swung her foot under his making him trip. She sat on top of him, while Gilbert stepped on his hands.

"Look, you calm down and take care of the Brit before I break you, okay?" Chika said emitting that dark aura again. I looked back at Romano and the rest of my team. I groaned and left the room. I had enough of everything.

Honestly, I wasn't about to have Arthur's child. If he came near me… all hell will break loose; I sat on the doorsteps outside and took out my pack of cigarettes. It was empty; I groaned and threw it onto the ground. This was making no sense. I sighed and looked up at the night sky, the stars sparkled like jewels.

"Hey!" Feliciano came outside and sat next to me, "Mind if I sit?"

"No." I could never deny that cute smile of his. It was quite for a few seconds, when he sighed and chuckled.

"I'll explain everything if you're willing to hear." He smiled. I nodded and leaned back against the wall to hear, "Okay… well, I know Alfred, Arthur, and Matthew because… Lutz is a vampire."

"What!?" I jumped up.

"Don't get mad! He was attacked a very long time ago, and Gil hid him for a long time!" Feliciano said, trying to protect Lutz's name.

"He… he's hunting his own though…" That thought made me twitch, I had never heard of a vampire hunting their own kin.

"No! We never kill them! What do you think Gil does after he takes them?" Feliciano laughed.

"I don't know…" I said, "Takes them off into the forest and decapitates them." I felt a shiver go down my spine just thinking about it.

"No, silly!" Feliciano patted my back, "Gil would take them to Chika's place."

"She has more!?" I yelled in surprise. Feliciano felt like face-palming.

"She has a center to make vampires find their hosts. Some need help, once they find them; they stop drinking blood from others, and end up becoming like ordinary people, who can't go out in the sunlight because they burn." Feliciano explained.

"Has Lutz…?"

"Yeah…" Feliciano blushed; he looked up to the sky and smiled, "It's me."

I jumped up and looked at him. I ran my hand through my hair. This made no sense; Feliciano and Lutz were close but… this was on a different level. Romano came out of the house storming, jumping over Feliciano and heading into town. Feliciano stood up and sighed.

"He found out." Feliciano said.

"Chika said, those who are "soul mates" to vampires are carriers for their offspring…" I turned to look at him, "Feli… can you…?"

So, this is the new chapter!
I love the reactions I have been receiving!
It's rather... entertaining! XD
So, with this one, there's an essence of YAOI!
I am sorry... but I am a YAOI freak, and I had to add it...
>_< It's my calling.
But the next one will be full of Arthur's smexi-ness!
Reader belongs to Artie!
Chika belongs to me!
Hetalians belong to Himuraya!
The artist to this picture is
---> :iconseraphlei:
which is found here
---> [link]
Next part:
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