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July 26, 2012
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Part II –

"These wounds won't seem to heal; this pain is just too real." – Evanescence

Romano reached for his handgun on the table and pointed it at Arthur. Arthur wrapped his arm around my waist, brought another arm to my neck, and took a few steps back in one quick motion. Romano stopped himself from shooting; even if they were bullets filled with Holy Water , they still affected humans, just like a regular bullet.

"I wouldn't Romano." Arthur smirked as he took a whiff of my scent, "You Hunters all smell divine, it's no wonder the Nordic vampires have taken a liking to you."

"What are you talking about eyebrows!?" Romano yelled in annoyance. Arthur glared at Romano, it is true, Arthur had very thick dark eyebrows, and so teasing him about it was Romano's instinct. Just like he did with every other leech we would catch.

"As we speak the Nordic vampires have attacked the other Hunters." Arthur smirked; I tried to feel my way to my ax on my side so I could attack anytime, "That albino Hunter, what was his name…? Gillian?"

"Gilbert." I mumbled.

"That's it, love." He smiled, "He's a goner before the end of the night."

"What about Chika?" Romano asked.

Arthur glared once more at Romano. In a blink of an eye he was in front of Romano holding his throat with the hand that was holding my waist, lifting him high in the sky. Romano chocked, and held Arthur's hand trying to breath. I starred in shock, I couldn't say anything. After years of slaying vampires, this one had my tongue tied.

"Mention her name, and I will end you." Arthur glared, his green-emerald eyes turning red, his eyebrows intertwined with each other.

Suddenly, I heard a shot from my right side. I tried to look at my side, but Arthur's arm made it impossible. Yet, the arm loosened as he fell backwards, letting of Romano. Arthur fell in a thud, as I pried loose; someone in a cloak went to Romano's side. I heard them mumble something under their breath. I pulled out my ax, and turned to look at Arthur. This was the time to end things; I lifted it behind my neck, ready to let it snap to cut off Arthur's head, when the person in the cloak laid in front of him stopping me.

"Get out of my way, or I will cut up along with him." I said; my voice angered with the vampire underneath them.

"I can't let you do that." The voice was that of a woman, a very familiar voice, as well.


I looked back and saw the rest of my team coming, but when I turned to look at the blood-sucking leech and his protector to finish him, they were gone. I groaned and threw my ax to the floor getting it stuck onto the dirt. Gilbert went to help Romano with Feliciano. Lutz came to my side, patting my shoulder to console me, while Kiku and Im examined the crime scene.

"It's okay." Lutz sighed, "We have all tried to catch Arthur at some point."

"But have all of you dealt with someone butting in?!" I yelled.

"No…" Lutz looked at Kiku who handed him a bullet case. He showed it to me.

"It's the same one we use." I said.

I looked up and noticed everyone was here except for Chika. I glanced at Gilbert. He was with her last; he would know why she wasn't here. Romano had become conscious; Gilbert was helping him off of the table. Feliciano was cheering for the life of his brother. I turned my vision to Lutz. Lutz turned and looked behind me. Chika was running towards us, she was waving while holding a bag of something steaming.

"Hey!" She smiled.

"Where were you!?" I yelled, she stopped and her smile faded.

"I went to go buy sweet potato at a nearby shop Im recommended. You guys need the snacks!" She smiled.

She moved passed me and handed the bag to Gilbert. Everyone accepted her food with a smile on their face. I observed her, knowing something was off; Romano denied the offer of her sweet potato. Feliciano glanced at me and stepped towards me.

"Why don't you have some, ve?" Feliciano asked, compared to his brother, he was the complete opposite.

"Hey, Chika." I called out, accepting Feliciano's sweet potato, "Would you mind us going over to your place? It's kind of chilly, and Romano needs a bit of freshening up…"

"Uh…" She bit her lip, "But, what about-?"

"You live near here, so it'll be fine, if we leave." I reminded, "Or do you have something to hide?" She glared at me and glanced at Gilbert.

"No." She responded at first her expression was serious, but then it changed to a grin, "Alright, ____________, let's go to my home. I think they might be there."

You guys are so awesome!
Seriously, I didn't think people would like it at all!
This is for all of you! *They're happy tears.*
So, here's Part II. I hope you enjoy that sexy Arthur
time. Honestly, I am sorry for not more of it. But
this is different for me. I am not so used to making it
go so SLOW! I am used to fast. So, the action will start
soon! Thanks again for reading, any comments and/or
favorites are greatly appreciated and Part III will be coming
Hetalians belong to Himuraya.
Chika belongs to Me.
And Reader belongs to Arthur
Picture isn't mine!
- Chika! ^3^~<3
The artist to this picture is
---> :iconseraphlei:
which is found here
---> [link]
Next part:
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