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July 25, 2012
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Part I –

"My love is just waiting, to turn your tears to roses." – Skillet

The sun slowly came down from the sky down into the ocean. I stayed outside of the community church with my ax at my side. I lit up my cigarette, waiting for my partner, Romano Vargas, to come out of his confession with the priest. Traditionally, a hunter should be very religious. However, I was different from the rest of the hunters. My partner for example, he was really religious, always praying in the morning, before he ate, and at night. He always seemed to be too dependent on the miracles of Holy Water and a silver cross.

I never did. I loved to get into the physical contact with the mystical being. I inhaled the nicotine, looking up at my partner who came out of the church. He sat in front of me, his cheeks bulging out in a pout. I gave him an annoyed look as he pulled the cigarette out of my mouth. I inhaled the last of it as he pulled it away. He stepped on it, standing up from the dirt on the floor. I sighed and stood up as well, here came the arguments.

"You shouldn't smoke that crap." Romano sneered.

I rolled my eyes and looked away from him, looking at the rustling bushes. I gripped my ax ready to pull it out anytime. Romano noticed how tense I was and chuckled. He was used to my nature as I was to his. For me, it was normal to be prepared, if anyone or anything were to attack at the moment.

"We have the east side of the town." I informed. Romano took out a lollypop and popped it in his mouth.

"Where are the rest?" He asked.

"Feli is in the west side with Lutz, Kiku is with Im on the south side, and Gilbert is with Chika on the north side." I noticed Romano putting the bullets into his handgun.

"You say her name as if you hate her." Romano chuckled, pulling the barrel of the gun back to load it. I looked up at the sky, the black already settling in.

"I don't enjoy her company." I said.

The rest of our pack was a good bunch of people. Feliciano Vargas, Romano's brother, was the most childish of us. We usually used him as bait, but Ludwig "Lutz" Bielschmidt always backed us up. Gilbert Bielschmidt, Lutz's brother, made sure our catch never escaped and if anything went wrong he usually fixed it. However, Chika was a new member of our pack and something didn't seem right about her. Ever since Gilbert found her outside of the town wall's some farmers have been missing animals and I know it isn't the regulars that usually steal since we have never seen notes behind saying, "Forgive me."

"Why the north side; they haven't reported anything." Romano asked.

"No, but Finny asked for protection from Chika. Apparently, the town found out she fought with the Nordic leeches before." I explained; we finally got to our station in the east side of town. Romano put his handgun down on the table and ran his hand through his hair.

"Has she?"

"I don't know." I stated.

I sat down on the love-seat we had. It was old with holes and dirty but, it was better than the floor. Romano took off his coat and put it next to me. He sat on the table and took out a handkerchief with wax on it, polishing his handgun. I looked at him, his black jeans tight, straps with stakes on them. He had plump thighs, which complement his full bottom. His chest looks hard, and his abdomen showed how much he worked on it.

"Well, who is in this area?" Romano asked, taking out a file from the box from the bottom of the table.

"As far as I know Kirkland, Jones, and Williams," I listed, "Kirkland will be the difficult if we encounter him."

"Oh… is the great hunter __________ scared?" Romano smirked.

I rolled my eyes, and sneered at him. Arthur Kirkland was like Dracula, he was the king of the vampires, and I could be less scared of a wannabe king. I took out another cigarette and lit it. Romano glared at the cigarette that I was smoking; again he took it out of my mouth and threw it on the floor.

"Do you want us to get caught!? They will know that we're here!" Romano yelled.

"So! I want a smoke!" I yelled.

"Sounds like fun, may I join you?" A voice came from behind me. Romano's eyes widened as he saw the blood-sucking king behind me, "I never really liked smoking myself, but with you anything."

I know what you're thinking... this ho hasn't even finished the Hetalia Challenge.
Well... I am not putting it off... by Sunday I will
post Lichtenstein! Or let America throw a football to my head.
So, this is a little something, I had in my head. Chika (me or my OC) comes out as an Antagonist for the reader! XD
Don't hate me, but when I plan to go for long like this then I
love adding myself! So, I hope you like so far! Depending on
comments and faves I will think about continuing.
So, read and whatever.
Hetalians belong to Himuraya.
Chika belongs to me.
Reader belongs to Arthur.
The artist to this picture is
---> :iconseraphlei:
which is found here
---> [link]
Next part:
That's the link for you to find out.
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