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March 20, 2013
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Part I –

“But heaven ain’t close in a place like this.” – The Killers.

The elder of the family summoned the youngest. A little guidance towards the youngest; the youngest walked towards her grandmother, tripping over her own feet in nervousness. The grandmother held the hand of the young girl walking with her through the town.

“You’re seventeen years old already, aren’t you?” The old woman said.

“Y-yes…” The younger one was nervous thinking she was in trouble of some kind. The grandmother comforted her, indicating she was not in any trouble.

“No need for you to be so nervous, I am only here to give you advice.” The grandmother smiled. The teenage girl smiled at her as well and nodded understanding the older woman’s point, “You’re seventeen almost of that year, and you might be placed for the demon to eat you.” The younger girl knew of such event. Her name inserted in a lottery in four years, so she could quench the thirst of the demon, “Get married.” The older woman’s voice began to fade, “Get married before twenty-one and be safe, or put the risk until you are wed.”

A cold wind blew in the forest. Rustling the leaves; making a beautiful crackling noise rattle across the forest. There she was, sitting in the middle of the forest. She did not follow her grandmother’s words, but she wasn’t afraid. She was planning to escape. Her hands were tied, but she could still walk. However, if she were to go back to the village then she would be executed. If she ran away, the village would be at the mercy of the demon and she couldn’t have that.

So, she stayed waiting. It was a little chilly, so she wished this demon would go along with it. Thoughts circled her head thinking, over and over how he would kill her. Twigs began to snap; someone was coming near. She looked around trying to see from where they would be coming from. The attacker came from up above, he landed in front of her, one knee on the ground the other lifted off of it.

The demon lifted his vision to her eyes. They were blue, a really brilliant blue, so perfectly crafted, like the ocean gleaming with the sun. His hair was a dirty blonde, which shined in the moonlight. A very fine looking demon, she wanted to smile, must be from all the virgins he has eaten. He touched her skin, cold hands upon her cheek; she flinched a bit from the touch, but snuggled back into it. He was her predator and as the prey she should cooperate.

His lips spread in a smile, the fangs on his canines seemed like pearls freshly picked from an oyster. He wore a white collared shirt, with a brown worn out vest, along with some tight trousers, and he wore no shoes. She recognized his clothing to be as though he was going hunting. Judging by the condition of his clothing, he must have been hunting for weeks. Well, he was a demon. The legends in her village described him to not have a home and just wander about.

The demon in front of her, knew full well of these ceremonies they would hold. Leaving a virgin out to dry in the forest. Not that they were wet or anything, but the demon was kind of accustomed to it. However, this one was different; for one she wasn’t screaming in terror like she should be, and most importantly she was alive when he had arrived to her. For some reason, when he knew the virgin was in the forest (by her scent) when he would arrive she would be dead. No blood, no asphyxiation, just out cold.
Besides those things, she was different appearance wise as well. Her hair was (h/c) like most of the people in the village, her eyes were normal (e/c) colour nothing too weird, but the thing that caught the demon’s attention was that playful glare in her eyes. That challenge she gave him, not a look a prey should give to her predator. Her lips were a rosy red, and her skin was flawless. The demon leaned in towards the virgin, inhaling her scent. She smelled sweet, sweeter than any other creature he had encountered.

The smell was so intoxicating that he wanted to eat her up right on the spot, but he was interested to know what she was capable of. It was far more amusing when the predator chases their prey around until they want to give in and beg the predator for death. The demon had done it many times before on his last prey. She was tied, meaning he would escort her back to his village.

That’s why the demon hesitated. She was a perfect blood supply for him. The rest of the vampires of his age had a human to feed on. It was irritating the demon not having one for himself, so he began to terrorize the village for that reason, so they would give him a human he could feed on until the human passes on.

“Aren’t you going to kill me?” The demon looked at her with surprise. She could speak? She was British too, but he always thought humans lost the ability to speak… why would you think that stupid?

“Yea- what…?” The demon was confused over her inquiry. In what realm did she hear that vampires kill humans; the demon snorted, “We stopped about a thousand years ago… who told you that we kill the virgins?”

“Well, the elders speak of it all the time.” She answered.

The demon fell back on his behind, sitting on the ground in front of her. He scratched the back of his head in thought; what impression did they have on the vampires in his village, so the eldest vampire used to kill the humans all the time. The vampires from today have evolved a bit; they do kill a human from time to time, but they’re careful about blaming onto other humans. Every world needs a little chaos.

“Look, I’ll show you the reality that we are and expose that phony legend your elders keep on passing on.” The demon lifted her off of the ground and flung her over his shoulder and began to stride off, satisfaction over his face because he had caught a living prey.

Guess who's back? I finally entered the part of the year where all
I do is sit around a computer and not care! Yay! So this will continue
if I see that it has potential...which means that I have to see that my reader cares
for this hot sexy american vampire. I have been dying for one of these...
OKay so the reader is british but that's only to add some angst afterwards
trust me you'll see why. You may be happy with it or not. So! Hope you enjoyed the
read! See you soon I hope!
Hetalia/America (C) Himuraya
Plot/Story/Chika Fairy (C) Wierdo035
Reader (C) :iconsexyamericaplz:
Image (C) [link]
Found Here: [link]

Next Chapter ---> [link]

**BTW: I will edit this (grammatically) later since I had no time to. XP
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