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May 16, 2012
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You had been dating Francis for five months. The longest you had ever been with a Frenchman. Well, you couldn't complain; Francis was amazing! He made you feel like you were floating on clouds the whole time. Plus, he was awesome in bed. Oh, yes! The way he would kiss you, tease you, and touch you, had you ruining to him every night.

However, there were some moments in which he was a bit demanding, like today. It was his birthday and he texted you five things he wanted. Number one is a dinner in the new French restaurant that opened, number two was a new teddy bear, number three was a couple of new rose plants, but the others were a little too much. You were at work and were pretty sure that he was too, but you didn't care what he was going to say.

"Allo?" His sexy voice reached your ears.

"I know it's your birthday, and I know I said I would do anything, but the last two things you want are impossible!" You yelled.

You heard him chuckle, "It's just a little picture."

"No-!" Your cheeks flushed red, "It's not, and if you push it… you won't get any tonight." You made sure the last line was a whisper.

"Mon cheri! You're being o' so cute!" He chuckled, "I already asked Arthur to go buy me the outfit too."

You could picture his grinning expression, "No-! You can't just-!"

"Eh?" Francis was working and you had interrupted, fortunately he worked as a suit salesman, so phone calls were usually excused, "Donne-moi une seconde. Je serai là pour vous aider. Give me a second. I will be there to help you. " He turned his attention to you again, "Bebe, I must leave you! I hope my presents are good! J'taime!"

"No-! Wait-!"

You hear him hang up. You groaned and help you phone high and wanted to throw it on the ground. However, you stopped yourself; you looked at your phone with a picture of Francis dimming down. You gripped it tightly as you saw his taunting smile.

Finally you decided. You entered the bathroom and held your phone in your hand. You closed the door and locked it. The bathroom was one big single room, so trying to grant Francis's wish wouldn't be difficult. You sat down on the sink and thought carefully on how you were going to do things.

"J'taime…" You repeated, rolling your eyes, "Oh god! I hate you!"

You were readty to satisfy your French lover's wish.

Francis was helping someone pick out a tie for her boyfriend's birthday. He said his goodbyes politely and she left satisfied. His phone vibrated in his pocket, he took it out and saw "1 new Message." Flashing. He opened the message and chuckled.

"You take the picture." Was your message with a picture of your smiling face. Francis began to dail you.

"Hello?" You answered.

"That wasn't a dirty picture." He smirked, knowing fully well he was going to get what he wanted.


Okay! This is a little short...
They started getting shorter... Sorry
for the kinky-ness! I always thought France
should be kinky! XD I could be wrong.
XD Hope you like that short short reader insert!

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