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May 15, 2012
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It was another day in London. A little to humid, but it was okay. You were waiting for your boyfriend Arthur Kirkland, the son of the Prime Minister of England. No one knew about you and frankly, no one liked Arthur since he used to be too much of a rebel.

"Hey, love!" You looked up and saw the face of your man. His eyebrows thick as always, his green eyes shining in the sunlight, and his clothing casual.

He kissed you, without letting you say anything else. The kiss was almost unreal, something you couldn't resist but let him do. You pulled away, looking at Arthur's devilish smirk.

"So, where does my little baby want to go?" He smiled holding your hand.

"Don't you have somewhere you have to be?" You asked raising your eyebrow. You had just seen the news, and knew Arthur probably knew nothing of what was going that day. He stood thinking for a moment then turned to look at you.

"No..." He said sure of himself.

"Arthur!" You knew exactly where he had to be, "Your dad is meeting with the President of the United States!"

"So? You said it; with my dad, not me." Arthur said, but then he slapped his forehead, not letting go of your hand, "Bloody hell! He has a son!"

You nodded as a smile spread on your face knowing you were right, as always, "And you're going to have to hang out with him." Of course you were sad that he had to go, but you knew it was important.

"But-! But-! I want to be with you _____!" Arthur said stopping both of you from walking any further. You giggled at the face he was making. Arthur's cheeks were red and his expression changed to a spoiled child not getting what he wants.

"If you don't do it, your dad will get mad." You reminded.

"I don't care..." He pouted, and then he had an epiphany, "Come with me..."

You turned your head vigorously, cracking a few bones in your neck.

"Are you mad?!" You yelled.

"I want you to come with me! ______ I haven't seen you in such a long time... I need you there."

You couldn't say no to that adoring face and it was true you had not seen him in a long time, and you were just going to hang out. You sighed and shook your head in disapproval, but you knew you were bound to give in.

"Fine..." You sighed. Arthur smiled and spun you in his arms. You giggled as he put you down and kissed your lips.

"Thank you so much, babe!" He smiled.

The two of you left to the embassy of Great Britain. Only to find Arthur's scowling mother there. She hated your guts, and wanted you practically dead. Since, she had hated the fact his son had a common girl as his girlfriend. Plus, Arthur was so in love with you that she hated it. It disgusted her.

"Mum," Arthur called, "Has the president arrived?"

"Why yes!" She said sarcastic as always, "And tell me, young man, where were you?"

"With ______." He said no emotion in his face or voice.

"Well is _______ the son of the prime minister?"

"No but-!"

"Then you should be here." She smiled. Arthur almost felt like putty when he heard that. He had always wanted to make his mom proud but only recently he began not to care, still the feelings were still lingering near.

"Mary, please let Arthur be." His dad came out, he absolutely adored you, "_______ will you be accompanying the two boys?"

"Yes, Mr. Kirkland!" You said, you really liked him and didn't want to disappoint him. So, you always used honorifics.

"Well, the president and his son are having tea out in the garden. I will send someone to go and get his son for you two." You smiled and curtsied in front of him. Arthur held out his hand and you held it since, you found yourself being a little nervous. Honestly meeting the son of the United States was a big deal.

Arthur and you were moved from the living room to the office of Arthur's dad. Even Arthur was quiet and you could feel him be a little nervous. Meeting him would be a big deal. His son was perfect! And helped his dad out with a lot with political ideas and movements, so you two had to make sure he enjoyed his time.

"Dude!" You heard a voice outside, "Is he going to take me to see some British chicks?!"

Arthur's dad opened the door to reveal a blonde haired boy wearing glasses, he was a little buff, and had the funniest strand of hair standing up. He looked at Arthur and smiled.

"Aw, dude!" Arthur got up to shake his hand, but the American gave him a bro-hug, "You going to go take me to see some chicks?! Or is she all for me?!"

"Um... No..." Arthur pushed the American away, "She's my girlfriend and will join us for the evening." Arthur said clearing his throat but the American quit paying attention to him and more towards you.

"Hey my name is Alfred!" He said extending his hand.

"Oh!" You felt your cheeks turn a bit warm, "It's a pleasure. My name is ______."

"Such a beautiful name!" Alfred smiled. You blushed when he shook your hand. He was cute but your Arthur was cuter.

"Well, where are we going to do British dude?" He asked taking out a chocolate bar.

"My name is Arthur Kirkland." Arthur said already annoyed, "I can take you to go see some tourist sights."

"Alright! Is she coming?!" he asked.

Arthur looked at you and held you close to him. You blushed and almost fell because Arthur was holding you rather tight.

"Of course. She should know more than me." Arthur said.

"Well come on sugar let's do this!" He said looking at you and only you.

Arthur growled as you two walked behind Alfred. He didn't like the fact the American was paying attention to you. You were Arthur's and he had worked a lot to get you to be with him and he wasn't about to lose to some American.

The three of you first went on the trolley. Alfred was a real treat. He tried to lose Arthur with you a few times, but you insisted on not making him mad. It would be a horrible sight. Then you three went shopping, where Alfred bought you dresses and clothing. Finally Alfred decided it was about time they ate. Arthur took all of you to a restaurant that sold hamburgers. You waited for Arthur to bring the food with Alfred. You had a coke with you a kept on hearing Alfred talk about how he has met so many celebrities.

"So how long have you been with the British guy?" He finally let you speak.

"Um... almost a year." You answered.

"Dang! My relationships don't last even a month." He said rather happy about it, "You think London girls are willing to date an American guy?" You finished slurping up your coke and nodded smiling. Alfred chuckled and you felt him brush your cheek. You starred at him wide eyed. His blue eyes gleaming with tender care.

"I have taken a fancy to you." He said imitating a British accent.

You shook your head and tried to pull away but it was too late. He kissed your lips and held the kiss there. You heard someone drop tray of food, Alfred pulled away and laughed. Suddenly, Arthur's fist went flying to Alfred's cheek.

"What he bloody hell do you think you're doing?!" Arthur said, moving towards Alfred. Alfred looked up at Arthur rubbing his cheek.

"You little piece of fuck!" He got up and looked at Arthur, people in the restaurant watching,

"I'm gonna return you the fucking favor!"

"Ha!" Arthur laughed, "I'd like to see you try, git!"

Alfred launched himself to Arthur his fist closed tightly. Arthur quickly dodged the attack and grabbed his fist twisting it around his back. Alfred groaned as Arthur laughed at Alfred's weakness. But Alfred wasn't done yet. He grabbed Arthur with his free hand and threw him down on the floor.

Everyone around you began to take out their phones and record the fight. You couldn't stop it; it was two great nations colliding in war! What could poor little you do?
Arthur was now dominant and punching Alfred. Alfred grabbed Arthur's hair, (dirty; but he picked it up from his friends from Mexico) and pulled as hard as he could. Arthur came crashing to the floor; Alfred got up and began kicking Arthur's gut. Arthur groaned at each swing to his belly. You quickly ran to his direction, but Arthur's body guards quickly came pushing people away. They took Alfred away by force and helped Arthur up. The paparazzi swooped in, in a flash and began to flash cameras at you, Alfred, and Arthur. But one of the body guards quickly came to take you away from the scene.

In the car it was silent. The body guards reported their mission was complete. Once they got to Arthur's home it got worse; you saw your dad's Ford Ranger parked outside. Your heart nearly stopped out of fear. Your dad wasn't a bad person, but you never told him Arthur was the son of the prime minister of Great Britain.

Arthur helped you out of the car, as Alfred rolled his eyes at his gentleman actions. Once the three of you were inside they sat you down on the coach in the middle of Alfred and Arthur. The three fathers came out looking pissed.

"Let me start, please." Alfred's father was about to start, "How did it happen?"

"He kissed my girlfriend!" Arthur said not waiting for Alfred to respond.

"She did it first!" Alfred said trying to get rid of the blame.

"You're mad!" You quickly reacted.

"Look, Al!" The president of the US seemed annoyed, "I know you better than anyone! I know you kissed this girl. But I won't tell you your punishment, your mother will decide."

Alfred's eyes widened, "Oh please pops no!"

"Thank you for taking care of my boy Artie." He smiled, shaking Arthur's hand; he looked at you, "And thank you for accompanying him." He wasn't being sarcastic his Thank you was sincere, "Thank you Prime Minister Kirkland." He said shaking Arthur's dad hand.

"But dad-!" Alfred no longer had what to argue. They left you and Arthur with your dad there.

"Well... Now that, that bloke is gone-!" Arthur sighed in relief.

"Not so fast! You two are in trouble." Arthur's dad said stopping Arthur.

"We decided that you two should end your relationship." Your father contributed.

"But Daddy-?!"

"I'm sorry honey. But, Arthur isn't the boy for you." Your dad said.

"But _______ is the girl for me!" Arthur said getting up, "Mr._______ if you'll let me I will take good care of ______-!"

"I'm sorry Arthur but no. Let's go ______."

Both you and Arthur were distraught what were you two to do? Arthur hugged you, Astraea filled you eyes he looked at you and kissed your trembling lips.

"I love you..." He whispered as you let one tear escape your eyes, "I will go for you." He ended. When you looked at him, a glossy shine was glazed over those green eyes. You couldn't help but cry.

You couldn't respond your throat was dry; you just couldn't find the words. Your father ripped you away from Arthur's arms and took you away to your own home you cried not talking to your father the whole trip back to your home.

A couple of days passed by and you went to school normally, everything was normal, except you didn't talk to your father anymore. You still held a grudge over the whole Arthur situation.

"Sweetie do you want to watch the rugby game with your old man?" He asked knocking on your door. You didn't answer and just ignored the question of your dad. He sighed and left, you felt bad but it was only just.

Your dad knocked many times on your door. Trying to offer many things to make you feel better but nothing could heal your broken heart.

You laid on your bed sobbing like you did every night. When you heard pebbles tap your window. You got up and stepped over to the window. You opened the old window, making it creek. You looked down and saw Arthur, his smiling face brought prosperity to your heart, the loving glare in his eyes made you tears stop, and his eyebrows brought laughter to your mouth.

"_____, _______!" He whispered, "Let down your latter, so you and I can run away together!"

"Arthur are you crazy?!" You smiled.

"If I am away from you any longer then I will definitely go insane, my love. Please you're the only thing that makes me feel ease. If you're not here I will surely commit murder and-!"

"Ok! Ok!" You hushed, "Just promise me... you'll never leave me."

"Come down to find out." He smirked.

You smiled and grabbed a few changes of clothing. You had a stash of money underneath your mattress and you quickly grabbed a backpack with your clothing stuffed and a few other things. Then you began to climb down your window.

"Jump." Arthur said once he saw you were close enough to do so, "I'm here love."

You closed your eyes and jumped to Arthur's awaiting arms. He caught you falling to the ground because of the heavy impact.

"Are you okay?!" You said looking at Arthur.

"Now that you're here." He smiled brushing a few strands of hair from your face. He kissed your lips; you missed his soft tender lips. He pulled away and chuckled.

"Let's go."

You giggled and left with Arthur. You trusted him and you loved him so it wouldn't be hard to go and live with him.

IDK! I will write later!
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