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October 26, 2012
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Day Thirty-Seven –
Day One –

Mizu stood up from the chair quickly, letting go of Ludwig so he wouldn't get hurt. Since she knew that he was after her. Gilbert got up as well and stood in front of you, just like before, thinking that he could protect you from the wrath of a demon. Alfred chuckled; he grabbed the chair Gilbert was sitting in originally and sat down.

"So, Mizu, what do you plan to do now?" Alfred asked.


"You do realize that I just broke your sister's promise?" He sighed, grabbing a sausage. You quirked an eyebrow, turning your vision to Alfred, you were going to ask but he answered before you could ask, "Mizu's sister was a grim reaper, who lost her life as well…"

"Saving who?" You asked.

"Gilbert and I." Alfred said.


"Yeah, she saved Gilbert because I was supposed to eat his soul, in the process and angel would see the scene and kill me. She didn't want me to die, so she told me not to go and eat his soul. Rescuing Gilbert and I. Her last wish was to protect and not let anything hurt poor little Mizu." Alfred sighed, "So to make her understand…"

Alfred got up and changed back into his demon form. However, he held a staff in his hand. Mizu gasped and gripped Ludwig's muscle shirt. Ludwig stood tall, making himself seem a lot bigger than what he was. You looked behind Alfred, and saw Ivan already sneaking up behind him. Ivan jumped on Alfred trying to stop him.

"What-!? You little piece of -!?" In a blink of an eye, Gilbert quickly hooked his foot to Alfred's making him fall to the ground.

Gilbert took the staff away and smiled back at you in reassurance. However, when you turned to see Alfred, he was no longer on the floor. Gilbert's loud grunt made you turn to his direction. Alfred had a hand inside of Gilbert's chest. Alfred's eyes turned into an insane red; like if he was ready to take Gilbert away in any moment.

"No-! Alfred-!" Gilbert placed his hand in front of you trying to move you away.

"Kseseses! This it?!" Gilbert smirked, "I'm too awesome-! I can take more!"

"Alfred!" Mizu yelled, snapping Alfred back into reality, "Stop! My sister wouldn't have wanted this as well!"

Alfred looked at Gilbert, and sneered, he pushed him away. Gilbert fell backwards onto you. You caught him, trying to feel if his soul was still with him. Alfred sighed, when you looked up you saw a dark figure behind Alfred.

"And the fight begins." Alfred smirked. Before you could get a good look, Alfred was already vanishing the dark figures.

"We have to run out of here!" Mizu yelled. Slowly, the house was being destroyed and there were loud screams of terror coming from everywhere, while things flew around the room.

"Through the back door!" Ludwig opened the back door.

You looked down at Gilbert; he was still a little hurt from his soul being touched. However, that didn't stop him from moving, and he began to pull you to the back door. You looked back at Alfred who was trying to make the dark figures concentrate on him, and not follow any of you. Ludwig came over to help you with Gilbert. Yet, Gilbert denied the help saying it was not awesome of him to take it. Mizu held the gate door opened as the two German brothers and you, walked through it. Before Mizu could run after the two Germans, you grabbed her wrist pulling her back to you.

"We need to talk." You ordered. You let go of her wrist and followed Ludwig and Gilbert; your three little ghosts following you not too far behind. Ludwig took the car, and began to drive far away from the house. It was quiet in the car. Mizu bit her lip, tentative on what to say.

"Vhere do ve go?" Ludwig asked, breaking the silence. You noticed Ivan already possessing Ludwig. You tried to grab Ivan but couldn't because of his ghostly nature.

"Where are we going?" You asked.

"To Arthur's house, I'm sure he vill have some answers, right Mizu?" Ludwig said. Mizu slumped back into the seat.

Ludwig parked right outside of Arthur's house. Ivan left Ludwig's body; you glared him saying not to do it again. Gilbert walked slowly behind you, and wrapped his arms around your waist. Your eyes widened at the touch of his hands. He groaned painfully. It was rather painful to have your soul touched, especially by a demon. Mizu knocked on the door, Arthur came quickly to it. His eyes were red and puffy; he had messy hair, and was wearing his pajamas.

"Hey, __________, what's…?" He saw Mizu in back of you and his expression morphed into annoyance, "What are you doing here?"

"I didn't -!"

"Arthur! Gilbert feels really sick and we can't go inside his home, so would you mind us taking refuge in your home?" You begged.

"Yeah… but leave the trash outside." Arthur said.

Mizu cowered a bit, but Ludwig gave her a little push, telling her to keep on moving. You stepped inside and inspected his home. It was very modern; it seemed as though he just moved in. Gilbert led you to the couch where he crashed down on. He groaned once more, and you smiled knowing that he was exaggerating his pain.

"So, what happened?" Arthur turned to see Mizu, "Didn't I tell you to leave-!"

"If you tell her to leave then I vill as vell!" Ludwig retorted. Arthur stayed quiet and accepted the compromise. He wasn't about to throw out one of his friend's brother.

"How do you know Mizu?" You asked. Arthur chuckled, glaring at Mizu who was sitting next to Ludwig on the couch.

"I know, her boss. Alfred." Arthur chuckled, biting his lip slightly, "When, I said I believed the fact you saw ghost I meant it."


"Yeah, he took a close friend of mine today. You know, that girl who was in the hospital. She gave her last wish to him… a demon." Arthur laughed.

"Which was?" Ludwig asked, then Gilbert gave another groan.

"To take care of this bi- I mean, girl and to protect her." Arthur glared.

"Protect her? Did this girl know you?" You asked. Mizu shook her head.

"My sister must've possessed her at the last minute and made her say that. I don't know how to explain it… my sister's memory haunts Alfred. Sometimes it summons that memory and it posses other people. She was scheduled to die today a-…"

"A heart attack." Arthur chuckled, "Even when she was on a hospital bed she was taking care of Peter and I."

"Alfred vas in her room, vhen you vere talking to ____________. She seemed upset vith him." Gilbert said.

"Yeah? Well, she loved Peter and I a lot, like family. Alfred must've been there to take her away." Arthur said.

"Arthur… don't get the wrong idea. We're reapers… if Alfred didn't do it then-…"

"I know that you didn't take his life!" Arthur yelled pointing at Ludwig and standing, "And what about this sister of yours she didn't take Gilbert's life and Alfred's!"

"We only recently found out Gilbert was involved in my sister's death-!"

"Like I give a flying fuck when you found out-!"

"Hey!" You yelled, "The world is full of scummy demons! You're friend passed away. She was possessed by, what I can see, a kind hearted reaper. Not to mention, when your friend died she died in peace. The reaper possessed her also made it so she wouldn't feel the pain of the heart attack!"

Everything was silent. Arthur bit his lip, trying not to cry again. He sat back down; Gilbert chuckled and held your trembling hand. You glanced at him, which he returned with a reassuring smile.

"Fine." Arthur muttered.

"Thank you for understanding." You looked at Mizu who seemed to be hiding something, "I want to know everything." You demanded. Mizu nodded slowly. Ludwig held her hand as well and pulled her closer, giving her that extra confidence.

"Well…" She began to explain, "On the day, Gilbert was going to his graduation, in which he would become a doctor-"

"That's the day I had an accident. The doctors said it was a miracle I even survived." Gilbert said.

"Yes, you pushed a child out of the way and the car hit you." Mizu said, "My sister was trying to protect Alfred the whole time, and knew that you wouldn't survive. So, she gave you a last wish… in dream. You asked for your life back and she granted it. Alfred was going to eat your soul, because it was-…"

"Awesome like always." Gilbert nodded.

"Yeah… however, an angel would take Alfred's life in the process, since the angels were going to escort you to their realm. My sister told Alfred not to go because she had granted you the only wish she could give and… vanished." Mizu bit her lip, "Alfred went to visit you in the hospital… and then left, thinking you were going to die and that my sister's efforts were futile. He didn't eat your soul because he respected the last wish my sister gave you." Gilbert smiled and laughed.

"Ksesesesese! And I am so awesome I could do it!" Gilbert jumped up in triumph, "Tell your sister thank you! I got to live twice more! And that's a sign."

"What kind of sign?" You asked, furrowing your eyebrows.

"It's a sign that…" Gilbert blushed and looked away, "That I am awesome!"

To be continued…
I am so sorry that I am taking FOREVERZ!
I am so super busy with school right now!
OMFG! Life is just a b*tch sometimes! =__=
But, the last chapter was a little prank on my part.
XD For those of you who fell for it.
:icontrollfaceplz::iconsaysplz: You Mad?
Bahahaha! I will try to update more! It's almost done
anyway. I think two more chapters and DONE!
It's between Scotland and Romano so, you guys will
have to persuade me! XP I will add a preview for both
depending on the feedback I will decided.
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