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May 11, 2012
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You waited at the floor of the airbase, patiently for the return of your brother Tyler your last name here . He left to serve his country in the Afghanistan war. He was very important to you, since he was the only family you had left, but you never received word from him. Since, all his letters went to your parents, and you weren't on friendly terms with them.

The military airplane slowly began to land, everyone rushed to the door entrance. Once, the plane was off and the engine was a bit cool, they let everyone run out to meet their loved ones. You walked towards the door, not impatiently like everyone else, but inside was eager to see him.

The plane personal began to unload. You saw coffins being unloaded, the American flag on the coffin showing the pride of their country until death. Your heart began to race in your chest, as you looked desperately for your brother. But you couldn't see him. You saw fathers being reunited with their wives and children. As you turned left and right, jumping up and down, you bumped into people; you excused yourself and kept on looking.

"Are you ________?" You turned your back to the plane and looked at the young soldier in back of you. His features were amazing, his cerulean-blue eyes that gleams in the light were filled with worry, his sunshine blonde hair shun with happiness of being back from hell, and the glass that covered his shining eyes.

"Um… yeah, and you are?" You asked looking at the soldiers that passed by still looking for your brother.

"My name is Alfred Foster Jones, I was in the same squad as your brother." He extended his huge solid hand for you to shake. You looked at him, and shook, sending him the message of I don't have your time. But a sudden realization came over you, if he was in your brother's squad then he must know where he is. You quickly began to jump to questions.

"Do you know where he is?! Is he alright?! Have you seen him-!?"

Alfred looked down to his feet, not wanting to look at you in the eye. He bit his lip, and fought of his tears. Once, he pulled himself together he looked at you, he stuffed his hand in his pocket and took out some military tags.

"He told me…" His voice cracked, "He told me to give this to you."

You looked at the tags, and saw the name Tyler flashing in the sunlight. You shook your head covering your mouth and moving a few steps back. You looked at Alfred, he no longer was looking at you. His eyes were red, and began to drip water just like yours.

"I'm sorry… I couldn't protect him." He said, trying not to lose his grip.

You shut your eyes tightly and looked around again. You couldn't accept it. Tyler, was strong he was your brother. He said he would take care of your kids, and teach them how to play American football. How could he be gone?

You ran away from Alfred bumping into people more, and desperately trying to find your brother. You saw the coffins and your heart stopped. You wiped your eyes, slowly walking towards them. Each coffin held a picture of who was inside. Families gathered, crying over the deceased. Your eyes peered at each face on the coffin; none being that of your brothers.

You came to a familiar face, finding a picture of your brother, smiling warmly at you. That star-spangled banner in the background showing his pride, and the reason for his death; your knees couldn't hold you anymore. Your body felt three times as heavy, as you dropped to them crying into the palms of your hands. You cursed god, underneath your breathe for taking your best friend away.

"________...?" You felt a warm hand on your shoulder, Alfred, that man you had just met had come to comfort you. He squatted down next to you, holding your hand, your brother's tag in them. You needed his warmth; you needed his comfort, so you wrapped your arms around his neck, sobbing into his military jacket. He murmured, "I'm sorry."

Alfred helped you with your brother's funeral. Trying to deal with your parents alone would have ended in a disaster and that's something your brother would've hated. He was there for you the whole funeral and supported you afterwards as well.

It had been three years since you met Alfred and the death of your brother. Alfred was temporarily renting an apartment in name of some town that snows since he lived in somewhere else. You were drinking tea, inside your warm cozy home, the military tags jingling every time you moved to take a sip, as you thought about Alfred's family. Were you taking him away from them? You just couldn't think about it, what if Alfred's family thought he was dead. You knew the trauma of such a thought; you didn't want someone to have the same fate.

"Hey _______!" Speaking of the devil, "Open the door! I'm freezing my berries off!"

Alfred was right outside holding a McDonald's bag and some coffee cups. You smiled looking out the window, the winter wonderland made Alfred's face a little red, you quickly skipped to the door and opened it; letting in a cold blast of wind in your home.

Alfred shook as he closed the door. He gave you the bag of food, as he began to strip from his layers of clothing. Finally, he took off his boots, and looked at you smiling, "Sorry! It's hot in here!" he smiled taking the bag away from you. He walked to your living room, nonchalant, you had grown accustom to his habits and found them cute.

"Where's Texas?" You giggled as he reached for the remote.

"Aw! Shit! I forgot them on my drawer!" He said slapping his forehead, "But I can still see!" He said, clicking the television set on.

Captain America was playing as he began to unwrap the four burger he brought; you sat down next to him pushing your cup of tea aside. He gave you the coffee cup and took out five orders of large fries. Your jaw almost dropped, you saw the size of the burger, and realized, you weren't capable to eat two of those. Alfred rolled the sleeves to his sweatshirt up to his elbows, his military tags dangling down. He clapped his hands once and took one burger. He quickly prepared it, less than a minute and quickly took a bite, spreading the ketchup on his lips.

"Al…" You looked at him, his cheeks bulky because of the food, "How many are for me?"

"Jusht rone! Just one! " He answered, "Choo fries though! Two fries though! "

You nodded and only grabbed one order of fries. It was surprising how much he could eat and not gain a single pound. As you two watched Captain America you thought about where Alfred was from, if he even had family, and if you were keeping him away from them. He busted out laughing when the super soldier punched a bad guy, and his laugh made you jump up since you were daydreaming.

"Alfred…" You called him.

"Rwhut? What? " His face was stilled stuffed.

"Where are you from?" You asked and took a bite out of the burger right after. He swallowed and washed it down with the coffee.

"From good old' Dallas, Texas!" He made the cutest accent, when your heart made a huge stop.

"Then…" You looked to the floor, "Why aren't you there?"


"Why aren't you in Dallas?"

Alfred looked at you and noticed your eyes starting to water. He sighed and put the burger on the table. He wiped his mouth and clasped his hands together. Were you taking him away from someone else?

"Where are you going with this?" Alfred chuckled, "Do you not want me here?"

"Don't you have a family?" You asked.

Alfred sighed once more and looked down to his hands. You held your brother's tags as if they were going to give you strength. Many things began to invade your mind, did Alfred have a wife? Siblings? Children? A wife? Your heart sank deeper into your chest as you noticed his late reply. He looked up from his hands to look at you.

"________..." Alfred brushed his hair back and slouched back in the couch, "I had family. My dad died in the war, my mom died while I was away, she died of cancer, and my brother lives in Canada so we don't see each other too often."

"Al, why didn't you tell me you had family?!"

"They're gone!" Alfred jumped looking at you, "Tyler was the only one that seemed like family to me! Not even my own brother was protective of me like Tyler! And you-! You-! You-!"

He stopped and began to sit back down lowering the volume of his voice. He looked back down at his hands. Your heart raced, when you saw the blush creep to his ears, and then as if in an action movie he quickly kissed your lips. Being caught by surprise you flinched back so the kiss wouldn't hurt you.

Alfred had lost practice from being away so long and not having any girl to kiss in the war, but you didn't mind. In all honesty, he was still a pretty good kisser. His tongue played in your mouth; you flinched at the sweet hot movements he was making. Hot breaths of air escaped your and his mouth, until he pulled away and looked at your eyes. You could see the pain in his sky blue eyes, and he could see the sadness and worry in your color of eyes.

"You're my love!" He said.

You stayed completely dumbfounded as he slumped back down to the couch as if waiting for a scolding. Alfred turned to look at the television and picked up the burger to continue eating. You looked at him, and thought about what happened. Still processing. While the movie made huge bombing noises you pinched Alfred's cheek.

"We should go see your brother." You concluded.


"I'd like to go to Canada… they have good bacon." You laughed taking a sip out of your coffee.

Alfred observed as you put it down on the table, and then pounced on you. He kissed your lips as you returned the favor. He pulled away, moving a strand of hair that fell in front of your eyes.

"It's ham." He chuckled.

"Same difference."


Okay! So here's the edit version of what I want to say...
(If you read the comments before you should know)
So, I hope you like it! This is #6 of my Hetalia Challenge.
I am writing most of these in a notebook.
I am on number... 16 as of May 15th, 2012.
I hope you guys like it! I really like the idea of an American soldier coming to my rescue...
Or a police officer! XP Um... this really hits me, since I know someone who lost their brother in the Iraq War. So, this is
mostly for her, even though she wouldn't understand...
Anyway, enough depressing stuff!
Up next I have England!

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KookieMonster91102 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Its bacon....not ham, we canadians have regular bacon OnO and how can we go to canada if red deer is in.canada xD
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"From good old' Dallas, Texas"
You won't believe how happy I was when I read that. My city and state are rarely ever mentioned.
Wierdo035 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I lived in Dallas for two years! I loved it, but the weather was unbearable!
hunterartemis99 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I know what you mean, I've lived here my whole life and even I can't stand our weather. Okay maybe I'm fine with Fall and Winter but I dislike Spring and Summer. But still thanks for mentioning my city either way.  
Geek-Queen Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Student General Artist
Lol name of town that snows... uh... Winnipeg, but it's in Canada and that place NEVER stops! We just got Spring to come this month.
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<name of some town that snows>
Well, that's where I live. Wisconsin, the land where IT NEVER STOPS SNOWING.
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What are you talking about?  I've been to Wisconsin on a few occasions - the Dells, to be more specific - and every time I went there, it was summer.
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Yeah, it has summer, but it usually snows from September to April. Even worse, this past year. Beginning of June we still had rain and snow in some places. Just started getting hot a week or so ago.
TejinaGirlForever Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014

But we do have bacon here though. :iconumadbroplz:

I'm sure American bacon is better though :)

TejinaGirlForever Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014


MY FIRST OLDER BROTHER MUST DIE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? :icontearsplz:

At least Alfred's with me... :iconalfredjonesplz:

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